Mediacja w sferze administracji publicznej jako przedmiot badań politologicznych

  1. Jacek Żołądź


Mediation in public administrationas a subject of political science research

Mediation and other similar forms originating from the catalogue of alternative methods of resolution of conflicts are easily applicable to the resolution of all kinds of disputes and conflicts, as well as some of those that arise in the sphere of activity of public administration. In legal acts that are part of the Polish administrative law system, there exist forms close in their nature to mediation. Public administration bodies can in fact play the role of a mediator while taking action that leads to conciliation between the parties of the dispute. There are no formal obstacles for public administration to take non-executive forms of action and to bilaterally initiate the implementation of unformalised alternative methods of resolution of disputes, including mediation. Of course, some administrative disputes, with regard to their character, are not subject to being resolved by means of ADR. The problems connected with mediation in administration that are di-scussed in the present paper seem to constitute an interesting interdisciplinary subject of investigation with-in political sciences. It appears reasonable to assume that a start of such an investigation by Polish political scientists would enrich the catalogue of research topics with interesting and attractive range of problems, and at the same time world-wide trends in political sciences would be followed. Moreover, Polish political science would enter the sphere of the humanities, whose representatives have already taken up advanced research locally in Poland. One can also expect practical benefits of such scientific analyses in the form of modernization projects aimed at Polish political system, taking into consideration its specific nature and tradition.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

12, 2011

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