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Spór o Grzbiet Łomonosowa na tle rosyjskich dążeń o wpływy na obszarze Arktyki

  1. Łukasz Wojcieszak


The controversy around Lomonosov Ridge and Russian aspirations to control the Arctic area

The paper presents an ongoing dispute of several countries for the right to the Lomonosov Ridge located at the North Pole. The author of the paper shows the Arctic as a place rich in mineral resources and an area of rivalry between states. He lists the benefits of climate warming that changes the North Pole. He further describes some legal aspects, as well as the subject of the dispute, Lomonosov Ridge. Then he presents Russian efforts to use the natural resources of the Arctic and Russian military involvement in this area. The author also shows the position of other parties to the dispute.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

16, 2014

Strony od 142 do 155

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