Polityka wobec zabijania ludzi w konfliktach społecznych. Wykład teoretyczno-metodologiczny

  1. Andrzej Czajowski



Politica towards killing people in social conflicts. Theoretical-methodological lecture

There are two sides of life: its continuation to natural death and premature annihilation. These two processes occur in parallel, subjecting to nature and culture. This means that human life, regardless of natural condi­tions, depends in some respects on tradition and politica (politics and policy). People primarily protect life, but at the same time kill people and prevent killing in order to meet a number of needs. Often the cause of killing is the clash of those aims and then the killing is used to settle conflicts. Politica has a contradictory role in killing people: on the one hand counteracts this phenomenon, and on the other hand favors. De­pending on the relationship between politica and killing, we differentiate killing politica, politica facilitating killing, anti-killing politica and non-killing politica.The nature and implications of politica involvement in killing of people in conflicts depend on the nature of the conflict. Another is the relation of politica to this phenomenon when the conflict is non-political and the other when it is political.Politica — from its advent to our modern times — is transformed into: apparently killing and encouraging killing, giving way to ever more visible counteracting killing and non-killing.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

22, 2017

Pages from 154 to 170

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