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Problematyka rozszerzenia NATO na łamach „Time’a” i amerykańskiego wydania „Newsweeka” w latach 1997–1999

  1. Kamil Kowalski


The issue of NATO expansion in „Time” and the U.S. Edition of „Newsweek” between 1997 and 1999

The article examines the issue of the first NATO enlargement after 1989. The text investigates selected texts covering the issue in its final stage and published in two American weeklies, „Time” and „Newsweek” between 1997 and 1999. Therefore, the geopolitical context of contemporary international relations (especially Russian attitude) was also weaved into narrative of the article. The analysis takes into account the degree of two weeklies’ interest in the issue and their attitude toward American diplomatic efforts regarding the accession of the new states to NATO – possible trends and fluctuations. The author’s intention was also to evaluate whether there was only one point of view relating the NATO enlargement, or whether the publications under research revealed a wide range of approaches on the matter.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

11, 2010

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