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Instytucjonalizacja systemu partyjnego. Stan badań i perspektywy

  1. Bartosz Żabka


Party System Institutionalization. The state of research and future perspectives

In a common perception Party System Institutionalization (PSI) is a long and multi-stage process. Being one of the main signatures of inter-party competition’s stability, it does not hold a significant place in the theory of party systems. This article is an attempt to analyse the most common conceptualizations of PSI and highlight the most significant problems of these propositions. The main finding of the article is the existence of a significant difficulty in selection of appropriate parameters. Moreover, PSI is most often being analysed in light of its requirements, being viewed as a process more than as a result. The most common approach in analyses is to show clear and measurable factors, rather than end results of the system and its later state.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

12, 2011

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