Katolicka myśl społeczno-polityczna we Włoszech do roku 1919

  1. Paweł Łyżwa pawel.lyzwa@uwr.edu.pl


Catholic social-political thought in Italy before 1919

Italian social-political Catholicism in both its ideological and organistional dimensions, as it was in most European countries in the 19th century, originated and initially developed in opposition towards the philosophy of Enlightenment as well as the principles of the year 1789. One of the most important issues for Italian Catholic social-political movement and thought was the “Roman question,” which was the implication of the Risorgimento (“Rising Again”). Italian Catholic social–political thought was originally influenced by traditionalists, integrists, ultramontans and monarchists but later — when threatened by socialism and the “social question” — it became much more open to social conceptions combined with the ideas of democracy, social justice and equality, subsidiarity and common good, which were also to be implemented in the international field.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

16, 2014

Pages from 68 to 83

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