Geneza i rozwój włoskiego katolicyzmu społeczno-politycznego do 1919 roku — zarys problemu

  1. Paweł Łyżwa


The origins and development of Italian socio-political Catholic movement until 1919 — an outline of the problem

The article is dedicated to the origins and development of the Italian socio-political Catholic movement before 1919. It analyses the implications of the ideological-political conflict between the Church and the State (mainly the so-called “Roman question” — the problem of temporal Pope’s power, and the non expedit principle which did not allow Italian Catholics to participate in parliamentary elections) in the context of the Risorgimento that is the movement for and process of national and political unification of Italy. The text not only presents the birth and functioning of particular Catholic organisations but also clarifies the origins and nature of the divisions in the Italian Catholic camp until 1919 when the first modern Christian democratic political party — Italian Popular Party — was established.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

19, 2015

Pages from 66 to 79

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