Konsultacje społeczne jako forma demokratycznej partycypacji mieszkańców w zarządzaniu wspólnotą lokalną

  1. Beata Springer



Public consultation as a form of democratic participation in managing of local community

The article discusses the issue of public consultation, legal and formal issues, used in national and European law. It shows the genesis of the Polish regulation of consultation. It presents one of the mechanisms for social participation in the local community and the opportunities offered by the use of this toolIt discusses how important it should be to consult with the people, to communicate with the public. The subject of the study is also a critical analysis of the solutions adopted in resolutions concerning the holding of consultations. At the same time particular examples of solutions used in resolutions of local government are shown. Attention is drawn to the irregularities in constructing the resolutions and the reluctance of parts of local authorities to carry out the consultations. The whole bearing was selected decisions and case law of the administrative courts.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

21, 2016

Pages from 131 to 145

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