Nowo powstałe partie małe w Polsce a wybory 2010–2011. Progi rozwoju partii

  1. Wiesława Jednaka ORCiD:


New-created small parties in Poland and participation in the elections 2010–2011. Party thresholds

Th is article analyzes the participation of small parties in the municipal (2010), presidential (2010) and parliamentary (2011) elections. The genesis and programs and ideology of the party have been characterized. The concept of M. Pedersen was used, which describes the party’s life cycles. Four party thresholds are included: (1) the declaration threshold — the party declares participation in the elections, (2) the authorization threshold — the party meets the formal and legal requirements contained in the Act on political parties from 1997, (3) the representation threshold — the party wins elections, i.e. receives mandates for representative structures, (4) relevance threshold — G. Sartori’s concept is used. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of party thresholds, small parties have a problem to exceed the threshold of representation. If they do not overcome it, then the fourth threshold, the threshold of relevance, does not apply. Three reasons can be pointed out: the party’s program, which is uninteresting to voters, the lack of field structures and the lack of electoral facilities, the lack of financial resources for the election campaign.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

25, 2018

Pages from 87 to 100

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